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A collection of recent projects

Here is just a small sampling of our current website clients. Each site is uniquely designed to match the needs of the users and the interests of our clients.

Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

June 2015 · Website Design

The Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AZAND) serves its members and the public as the most comprehensive nutrition organization in Arizona.

The AZAND website includes a secure members-only section for members, a calendar and job board that can be added to through its homepage and content management system by the website administrator. The AZAND integrates Paypal to register members for its annual meeting and exhibition and real-time social media feeds.

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Dietitians in Nutrition Support DPG

August 2013 · Website Design & Development

Dietitians in Nutrition Support is a large membership organization of clinical registered dietitians. The website includes both public and member-secured pages, a comprehensive discussion forum, and a catalog of current and archived full-text, peer-reviews medical journals dating back to 1998. The journal upload module allows for segmented views of specific pages from large PDF files; and each journal includes a continuing education (CPEU) multiple-choice quiz that is automatically graded for secured access to generated, downloadable certificates of completion.

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Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

May 2013 · Website Design & Development

The Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (WSAND), serving the public and the dietetics community, is the largest nutrition organization in the State of Washington.

Their website includes resources for the public and for members-only. They also have a specific section for the executive committee of the organization for storing archived agendas, meeting minutes, and other proprietary and historical documents. WAND has a robust calendar and employment board, available for members and the public.

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Clinical Nutrition Management DPG

May 2012 · Website Design

The Clinical Nutrition Management (CNM) is a Dietetic Practice Group of managers within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The CNM site includes a robust members-only section, a searchable membership database, and a HTML-based eBlast that can be directed toward the entire membership or members within a specific geographic area.

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Puget Sound Joint Purchasing Cooperative

April 2012 · Website Design

The Puget Sound Joint Purchasing Coop is the state of Washington's largest school nutrition cooperative food procurement agency. This website consists of three specific and unique sections for different user groups: the public, members, and vendors. All members can login to any section of the website; yet vendors can only access password-protected areas assigned to them. Puget Sound's eBlast can go to specific user groups (members or vendors), or to all registered users of the site.

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Memphis District Dietetic Association

February 2012 · Website Design

The Memphis Dietetic Association is the largest district of nutrition professionals in the state of Tennessee. The MDA site was launched in early 2012 for the public and the organization's members. The site content and all selected modules are managed through our proprietary content management system (CMS) by MDA volunteers.

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Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

January 2011 · Website Design

The Oregon Dietetic Association (ODA) is an affiliate of the American Dietetic Association with over 700 members working in a wide array of settings.

The ODA design and development project includes a comprehensive members-only section for the association members in addition to the publicly viewed areas for users looking for registered dietitians and nutrition information.

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